The Tel-maq Indústria e comercio LTDA it’s a Brazilian company recognized by the market for its quality products and services, specialized in the development and manufacture of tools for telephony, machinery for disposable products.


It has qualified and experienced professionals, technical staff in constant training and equipped with high-tech, offering your customers products with high quality standards, a fair price and on time delivery schedules.

Boasts modern machining facilities and tooling, which represents optimization in the manufacturing process of parts and total production time is appreciably less.


At TELMAQ, the quality isn’t something controlled. It is produced. She born with the project, it is constructed during the manufacture and is delivered to the client together with the acquired product. This is taken very seriously. Many years ago, TELMAQ realized that the quality isn’t guaranteed by using means for manufacturing suitable and of trained professionals: The essential it’s create and keep a quality management system which ensures your progress,

enhancement and constancy. We believe it is necessary to introduce some planetary systemic rationality of ingredients, to avoid any aggravation of the world situation, to such an extent that may jeopardize the survival of humankind. Everything that is not immediate is difficult to assimilate and apply, but it is nonetheless real and essential to the future of the country and the world.


For this, the commitment of its employees is fundamental. In TELMAQ the quality is part of the education and culture of their professionals.


Be a reference in the national market of machines and telephony trough diversity of products, quality of attendance, confiability with customers, keeping the sustainable progress.



Professionalize corporate processes and human relations, seeking to perpetuate the business and maximizing the efficiency and value of the group.


Human dealings and professional, responsibility, meritocracy and recognition for committed to the company.

Now that you know a little of our history, please contact us.




Rua Olimpio de Oliveira Chalegre - n°63

Brasil - São Paulo - Interlagos 

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+55 (011) 5667-2366




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